2D multi-room drafts

Stop wasting time when you want to create a complete house or apartment plan! Thanks to a high-level, intuitive plan drafting tool, you can design your home in just a few clicks!

My Sketcher runs directly online, so you will not need to install anything at all on your system, so long as you have Java installed on your Mac or PC workstation of any type.

Three solutions are available to you:

  • Draft your plans directly

  • Import an image plan (hand-drawn, for example) and re-create a clean draft on top of it

  • Start from pre-configured plans


Interactive 3D views

Navigate your project virtually.

At any time, you can switch between a bird's-eye or a side view, move inside a room or manipulate the whole plan.



Rich, up-to-date furniture libraries. In addition to Cedreo's libraries, you can also explore our partners' products:


Customization of floors and walls

Change the color of your walls and floors or their coverings in a few clicks, thanks to a rich database of materials.


Advanced rendering engine

Reap the benefits of a rendering tool that is typically reserved for graphics professionals!

Enjoy a powerful tool that requires no configuration but allows you to produce photorealistic renderings in less than a minute, regardless of your computer's capacity!

My Sketcher is a combination of advanced 3D rendering technologies and an almost disconcerting user-friendliness!

To generate an image:

  • Choose your perspective and adjust your angle and height

  • Click on the HD rendering button

  • Sit back and admire the results

No configuration required: everything is automatic. Just wait for the worked-up image to appear before your eyes.