The project of the month: decor ideas and layout for small apartments

27 June

This month My Sketcher has selected from our customer projects, a nice project illustrating the ‘layout of small living surfaces’.

Here are some tips and tricks in order to help your clients get started: we invite you to explore pictures of this 460 sq ft.

Here is a ‘shoe box’ view of the apartment:

This view allows your clients to instantly envision themselves in the plan. This perspective helps customers see how their furniture would fit in this floor plan or at least get some decor ideas, tips and tricks for the layout of a small apartment!

For example at the right; find an original idea: combining a bedroom with the living area and separating by draperies. Difficult to envision on paper but easy to visualize in 3D :-).

A night view of the design:

Present your design at any time of day by creating final images at night or during the day. Photorealistic images show lighting and shadows as if you are standing right in the room.  My Sketcher provides these automatic setting that you change with a simple mouse click, it couldn’t be easier.

Now the other side of the apartment:

In the entrance connected to the dining room, a desk creates a workspace between the living areas. This unique design is much easier to visualize with My Sketcher 3D renderings while also easier to see how the layout works for you.

And to end the visit let’s look in the kitchen:

In My Sketcher you will find all of the kitchen accessories and appliances to make your project even more realistic.

Do not really have the time to look for each accessory? Do not worry! The My Sketcher library provides packs in order to set up rooms such as a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. with just one click.

So then, what do you think about this project? Do you have any other floor plan ideas for a small apartment?

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And the next project of the month could be yours.