Are you a renovation professional looking for 3D renovation software for your clients? Look no further!

Isn't it easier to sell a renovation project when you can show your client a 3D work-up of the end result?

If you think so too, we have the perfect solution for you.

20 minutes max, and you can complete an extension project's design, draft your 2D plan using a highly intuitive design tool, personalize the height measurements, roofs and openings, even run through a decoration phase if you want to shoot for maximum quality, and then enjoy the resulting photorealistic computer-generated image!

With this type of visual, your client will feel reassured by the professionalism of your presentation and will be better able to imagine the project you are proposing. You can also involve clients more in their projects' design than your competitors can.

With the My Sketcher 3D renovation software, your pre-sales process will be more collaborative and perceived by your clients as higher-quality: an important way to stand out from your competitors, which will allow potential clients to focus on the quality of your services rather than the price!

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