A tool dedicated to achieving 3D interior design and decoration.

Benefit from the advanced features of this straightforward user-friendly software.

Cedreo Interactive has long been receiving regular inquiries about Cedreo Planner software. We are pleased to now be able to offer our clients this software specially dedicated to interior furnishings of all types of rooms. With a few clicks you can create a 2D or 3D single or multi-room plan. You can arrange the placement of windows and doors and you can organize all your furniture and decorations just as you like them! This is the best kind of technology: the kind that can be overlooked in precedence to the delight of its creations!

I had the opportunity to use My Sketcher since its first release. This interior design software is very simple to use and allows me to focus directly on my job. Even the first version was promising- a well developed tool that enabled me to do without Sketchup which is much less dedicated to planning and takes much longer.

Clémence Rondard – Home Stager

Simplicity of usage, speed, vast collections to choose from and quality rendering are the hallmarks on which My Sketcher was developed.

No more long hours spent in front of complex software, now just by moving your mouse and making simple selections you can: draw the outline of your single or multiple-part project, include partitions, mezzanines, roof angles, integrated and customized openings, and floorings... and then you can arrange the placement of the furniture that you have been able to custom select (styles, colors textures). When you are done you will be able to generate a high quality image - without the need for any complicated computer work!

Examples of 3D renderings

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